What is Shisha? Please try it for a relaxing time!

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Spring is in full swing! The weather is becoming more and more sweaty.
It's a great day to go out...

Now, in this blog, we will introduce what shisha is all about.


Shisha, also known as water tobacco

~ From the Middle East! ~ from the Middle East!

In recent years, shisha has become more and more familiar, and many of you have probably heard of it.
Shisha is so-called "water tobacco" and is enjoyed using a special water pipe.
The smoke generated by the combustion of tobacco leaves is filtered through water, resulting in a mellow mouthfeel,
Shisha is to enjoy the flavor of the smoke as you inhale and exhale, not inhale and exhale, but rather open your mouth and sip it slowly and leisurely.
It is said to have originated in the Middle East area, and the oriental feel of the water pipe design is one of its charms.
It makes you feel a little bit exotic.
Shisha is a highly recommended item for those who want a different kind of relaxation.


~ Enjoy a variety of tobacco flavors~.

Since shisha is about enjoying tobacco smoke, we also offer a wide assortment of flavors.
You can find your favorites, or just want to refresh your mind! I want to relax...etc...,
You can choose from a wide variety of flavors to suit your mood,
We also offer blended flavors so you can experience a variety of tastes!
We hope you will come and enjoy our fresh flavors, purchased directly from the source!


How was it?
In this issue, I would like to introduce shisha.
Shisha lovers and beginners alike are welcome to visit us!


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