You can also enjoy flavors from rare and valuable flavor brands

Shisha I am the PR person for Seapala.

How are you doing now that the rainy season is about to end?

In this issue, we will introduce some of the rarest and most valuable shisha flavor brands.

◆Rare and premium flavor brands are also available.

~Enjoy the fine taste of the shisha brand "Golden Layalina".

Golden Layalina is a flavor brand from Dubai.
Made with only the finest French Virginia herbs and blended using our own recipes
Flavor is luxurious, smooth and smooth to smoke.
The aroma is finely crafted and easy to taste.
The flavor is of such high quality that it is also used at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Dubai.
It is also a flavor brand that is rare and popular and therefore hard to find.

You can also enjoy such "Golden Layalina" flavors at Shisha Sea Pala.
There is a wide variety of flavors, including Afterglow, Blue Heaven, Mango Tango and Chocolate Cocoa.
Please enjoy Golden Layalina's luxurious, elegant and rich taste at our restaurant!

Various other flavor brands are also available.
Please try different brands, as there are differences in flavor and mouthfeel.


~We provide a comfortable space for our customers.

If you want to enjoy shisha more, atmosphere and space are also important.
[Shisha Seapala offers a relaxing and cozy atmosphere!
The stylish and relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant will make your shisha experience even more flavorful.
You will feel so comfortable that you will want to stay longer!
Please spend a luxurious moment while enjoying the shisha and space to your heart's content, which will heal your tired mind and body.
How was it?
A wide variety of drinks and food as well as shisha are available.
Shisha lovers and beginners alike are welcome to take advantage of this service.
The entire staff looks forward to serving you.
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